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Did you see J.Crew’s new denim collection? I love them and it makes me look forward to fall season. Our style is constantly changing, and my style has changed quite a lot too ever since I started this blog. I used to wear lot more colors etc, but I think the (only?) thing that we never get tired of is denim- either boots cut, straight or skinny ones (remember low rise?). Denim is always the ones we keep in our closet, right?

J.Crew 秋のデニムシリーズが素敵だったのでイラストに描いてみました。好きなスタイルや流行は変わり続けるけど、デニムはいつも変わらず定番。ブーツカットやスキニーだったり(懐かしのローライズだったり)形は変わるけどデニムが出て来ない時期はない様な気がします。最近暫くはボーイフレンドかな? 秋も楽しみ

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