I just returned from a quick trip to Japan for family matters (which explains very slow post here, ha). Although I didn’t have much time for fun this time, we managed to go Omatsuri ,Japanese festival, which is my favorite event of all time. It was pretty small local festival, but I had so much fun eating foods and watching my adorable nephew playing games. These are the only photos I took during my stay, but hope you can feel the excitement and atmosphere of late summer in Japan. Click ‘Read More’ to see more photos

家の急用があり出発数日前にチケットを取って急遽日本に行ってきました。今回は家族の手伝いが主だったのであまり時間がなかったけど、唯一ちょうどやっていたお祭りに行ってきました。 この時期帰る事がほとんどないので前から行きたかった夏祭りに行けてすっごく楽しかった! 地元の小さいお祭りだったけど、すごい人で賑わっていて久しぶりに日本の夏を感じた☆ 滞在中写真を撮ったのはこの時だけだったのでお祭り風景を載せたいと思います。下 ‘Read More’ をクリックすると写真が見れます

japanese pancakeomatsuri10
omatsuri apple candy
omatsuri food

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Thank you so much for your support :)

13 thoughts on “omatsuri

  1. Chelsea M.

    I think I remember learning about omatsuri in Japanese class! I’d like to go to Japan one day. Thanks for sharing these great photos – the lanterns are so festive & the food looks amazing! Following you now on twitter, bloglovin & pinterest – looking forward to future posts :)

    New post up today on a trendy rooftop bar in San Francisco!

    Chowing Down by the Bay

  2. Elisabeth

    Wow, this celebration looks beatiful! Why do you celebrate Omatsuri? The foods and lights look amazing! Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I’ve been thinking, it might be time again for a drawing for my blog, are you very busy this fall? I was thinking about one in October…

    E from Helsinki, Finland

  3. akiko Post author

    Thank you all! @Elisabeth, Sure! I’d love to make an illustration for you again. I’ll email you later.

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