Still my mind is in Hawaii, dreaming of warm breeze, beautiful beaches, great foods.. I still have tons of photos, but here’s a few shots from my trip: This sweater is the only item I bought for myself there. Gorgeous sunset and strolling in Waikiki beach. My hawaii drawing. Lunch at a famous shrimp truck in North Shore. My brother in law took us to the best place. I should’ve taken a photo of the truck.. My order was mahimahi and shrimp combo. So delicious!  

暖かい風、キレイなビーチ、美味しい食べ物、あぁハワイが恋しい。。!まだまだ写真あるけど、いくつか載せてみます: ハワイで唯一自分に購入したセーター。ワイキキの美しい夕日と夕暮れ時の散歩。帰ってきてから描いたイラスト。ノースショアで食べた海老のプレートランチ。義理の弟が美味しくて有名なとこに連れてってくれました(トラックの写真撮ればよかった。。)マヒマヒとのコンボにしてみたけど美味しすぎ&幸せ〜でした。

人気ブログランキングへにほんブログ村 ファッションブログ トレンド情報(ファッション)へ
Thank you so much for your support :)

39 thoughts on “dreaming

  1. kristina

    ah! akiko, this food plate looks amazing! i miss being in hawaii too, it’s just such a magical place isn’t it?? i love this sweater that you bought there and of course your beautiful work of art!! you look gorgeous as well!! hope you have a wonderful tuesday night akiko!! p.s. fingers crossed that i win haha ;)
    xx ~ k

  2. Lisa

    i use to live in hawaii.. and i miss it SOOO MUCH!! i would move back in a heartbeat.. i miss garlic shrimp so much haha.. your chunky knit sweater is so pretty!

  3. Ash Louise

    All I know is I neeeeeeed to visit Hawaii now. The food made me literally drooooool all over my desk. I think I froze when I saw it ;)
    I want beach weather!!!!
    Anyway, when I wear those glasses I totallyyyyy style my clothes around the glasses actually. They allow me to wear stuff that normally I just wouldnt wear, but the glasses pull it off. You might want to try it too !
    Plus I’m pretty postitive you’d look great in glasses!

  4. Winnie

    That cable knit sweater looks like the cosiest thing ever. Loving your photos from Hawaii, I would so love to visit there one day!

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