This is a jacket I found at a vintage store the other day. I don’t really own any good jacket for in-between seasons, and thought this is perfect. Although it looks more like for cold winter weather when I see this picture now, over all I love what I found (for a great price)!


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Thank you so much for your support :)

14 thoughts on “army


    Oooooh, I love love love it! I need a jacket like that and I’ve always loved the style. My dad has one quite similar from HARE, but I can’t always borrow it hehehehe.

  2. Inés

    do not worry Akiko, a military jacket is timeless, almost a basic in these times!
    Your blog is amazing! Love your style! You certainly have a new follower!
    Big hugs!


  3. kristina

    Akiko, I love this jacket!! I’d go as far as to say that I consider it a fashion staple that every girl should have in their closet! Hope you’re having a great Labor Day weekend Akiko!! Xoxo, K

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