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I’ve been thinking about posting something like..’a city guide’ which I can introduce you to my favorite places. I love reading a blog that I can feel the atmosphere of wherever they live or travel. So I decided to start posting my favorite place to eat (or maybe to shop?) with my illustration. Hope you enjoy! First place is The Pie Hole in downtown LA. I go arts district quite often, and love every pieces I’ve eaten either dessert or meal pies. This place is definitely a must go if you’re in the area!

色んな人のブログを読むけどその人の住んでる街や旅行先の様子が分かる記事が好きで日本の方のLA旅行の記事とか住んでる私が知らない所を紹介してたりで面白い☆ で私のブログは為になる様な記事もないなぁと何か始めたいと思ってたので、これから私のお気に入り店をイラストで紹介してみようと思います。始めはダウンタウンにあるThe Pie Hole。よくこのエリアに行くのでランチしたりデザートを食べたりしてるけどどれも美味しい☆ 店内もおしゃれでarts districtに行く事があったら是非!

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  1. Kiwi Fashion Blog

    I think it is a great idea! It will turn the blog into more of an informative type. And you know no one can say no to good food :) I am no exception! I look forward to read about it soon!

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