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carlos falchi bag, steve madden sandals
Although I like this snake-skin little bag, I think a simple leather brown tote bag would be a great match with this outfit. I mean I’ve been wanting them for a while and found pretty close one from madewell (here). But still not sure if it’s too big for me. Sometimes it takes time to decide when I shop certain items.. I’m sure it’d be a great match with navy and white, which are my all time favorite colors. What do you think?

前から仕事でも使える茶色のレザートートバッグを探していて、Madewellでいい感じの(これ)を見つけたんだけど、大きすぎるかな~とまだ購入せず。大好きなネイビー(or 白)と合わせたらかなり可愛い、写真の格好にも合いそう。パッと買う時と迷う時と何の差かなぁと思った時、ずっと使いそうなベーシックな物はお気に入りを長く使いたいから迷いがちな傾向があると自分分析した所です

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    Beautiful sandals!!! nice blog!!! thank you so much for your comment!
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