Can you believe February is almost over? I’ve been quite busy lately, but sometimes feel like I haven’t been able to get anything done. I’m pretty sure why. Because my thoughts are all over the place..! I jump from one thing to another and not concentrate whatever I do at the moment. When I was watching Olympic figure skating, I thought whatever I do, I should take it as a jump or spin (I know what I do is not that difficult at all). But you know? Try to clear one thing at a time. I was so touched by Mao Asada’s skating, and have been watching it many times ever since. Obviously.. ha! *The photo were taken at Food lab a while ago.
あっと言う間に2月ももうすぐ終わりだなんて… オリンピック見てましたか?冬期は夏より競技が少ないせいかアメリカでも日本選手をかなり放送してくれたので結構見れました。特にフィギュアスケートは楽しかった! 真央ちゃんの演技には感動してネットでも何度か見ちゃった。普段やる事が沢山あるとあれもこれもと1つの事に集中してない事が多々あるのでちゃんと1つ1つをクリアにして行きたいと真央ちゃんのフリーのジャンプを見てて思った所。まぁ比べるのも何ですが。。スポーツ選手は本当にすごいっ *写真は少し前にFood labで撮ったものです

Thank you so much for your support :)

2 thoughts on “thought

  1. ellalogy

    I know what you mean about doing too many things at once and feeling like you’re getting nothing done! Mao Asada was so inspiring during the free skate… I almost cried after her performance because it was such an amazing comeback!

  2. Akiko

    @ellalogy, Oh did you see her free skate? I know! It made me cried so hard and I know thousands of japanese cried after her performance. :)

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