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This sandals are one of my few purchases I made in Japan. Does it look like granny or even toilet sandals? Maybe, but don’t care. I fell in love at first sight and when I tried it on, I had to get it. It’s so comfortable and will be wearing a lot this summer. I always find shoes in Japan fit better. :)
今回日本であまり買い物しなかったけど、ユニクロのスウェットパンツ以外に連れて帰ってきたサンダル。おばあちゃんが履いてそうな、もしくはトイレサンダルみたい ?でもすっごくお気に入り☆ お店で一目惚れして履いてみたらものすごい◎な履き心地で購入しました。靴はブーツでもサンダルでも日本製のが一番履き心地がいいです

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5 thoughts on “new in

  1. Stephanie G

    oh these are nice. no they do not look like toilet sandals – though i kind of know what you mean.. i think it’s an asian thing. i’m going to japan in september! if there are any cool things to do around tokyo i would be grateful if you shared them with me <3

    steph /

  2. Akiko

    @Stephanie G, wow that sounds exciting! I definitely have some recommendations, and will tell you on your blog. I’ll try to post more about Japan here too!

  3. lynnette

    Aww cute! :D I think the white colour makes them refreshing. And as long as they’re comfortable! My mum swears on Japanese shoes (also because she’s got small feet and can never get sizes when she’s shopping)

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