nutella pie pops

It’s been so long since I made these pie pops (over two years ago!). I suddenly remembered it the other day when I was thinking about what to bring to a house party. Especially because I used store bought pie sheet, it’s super easy and makes a fun gift. I made Nutella pie pops this time, but it can be anything from preserves, chocolate or any fruits you like ♥︎ 

すっごく久しぶりに(前作ったの2年以上前だった)Pie Popsを作ってみました。お店で買ったパイシートを使ったので簡単だし見た目も可愛いので(味も失敗ないし)お土産にとってもお勧めです☆ 今回は家にあったヌテラを使ったけど、ジャムでもチョコレートでも中身は何でも良い所も◎。ってこれ作ったのかなり前で最近何も作ってないなぁとこれを書いてて思ってる所。久しぶりに何か作ろうかなぁ

I made small ones using left over pie sheet and heart shapes☆


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Thank you so much for your support :)

3 thoughts on “nutella pie pops

  1. Claudia Persi

    OMG these look delicious!!! It’s been so long! Hope you are doing well.
    I had a baby boy, he’s turning 5 months already tomorrow. Time flies!
    take care and keep in touch

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