madewell x vans

                                             madewell x vans slip on (similar here)
Here is my recent purchase from madewell x vans collaboration and it quickly became my favorite everyday shoes. I’m loving the quilted look and t’s comfortable to walk around. By the way, I’m starting to feel like I became a shoe person (than purse) as I haven’t crave any bags ever since I purchased my baby here :) By the way, we just moved in a new place and I’m now eye on this beautiful coffee table. I’ll update it later!

久しぶりにスニーカーを購入☆ Madewell (J.Crewの姉妹ブランド)とVansのコラボ靴でフェルト生地がお気に入り。歩きやすいし最近こればかり履いてます。J.CrewやMadewellのコラボシューズはセンスがいいのが多くていつも人気。今サイトみたらこの靴ももう売り切れてた。。けど似てるスタイルがあったので下に載せてみます。今日本に店舗はないけどコラボシューズは日本でも人気みたい☆

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Thank you so much for your support :)

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