bottle glamor

perfumeI always love fragrance bottles. These three I drew are so simple but such a stylish design. Here’s my favorites of this season : Givenchy-Dahlia Noir, Balenciaga-L’essence, BottegaVeneta-Eau de parfum. (I’ve never tried any scents yet though.. please let me know if you already did!) 

香水のボトルは素敵なデザインが多くて大好き。イラストにした3つはシンプルだけど洗練されたデザインで今季のお気に入り。左から:Givenchy-Dahlia Noir, Balenciaga-L’essence, BottegaVeneta-Eau de parfum。どれもまだ匂いを試してなくどんな香りか分からず。。誰か試した人いたら教えて下さい!

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11 thoughts on “bottle glamor

  1. ediot

    well done. i really like the drawings. haven’t tried any of these yet. but i like the design of them
    thanks for stopping by me
    sweet blog

  2. Lisette

    love the illustrations so cute with the watercolors! Very nice blog aslo, would you like to follow each other?

    ♥ Lots of love, Lisette ♥

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