sweet holidays


I always love sweets, especially cute decorated holiday sweets. Some are not necessary a holiday one, but so pretty that makes me want to draw. What is your favorite sweets? Hope all have a happy holidays! p.s. Today is the last day to enter my Portrait Giveaway! I’ll email the winner tomorrow and also announce it on the giveaway page. Thank you!

甘い物はいつも大好きですが、特にこの時期に出てくるスイーツは見た目も可愛くてたまらないっ。別にホリデーの物ではないのもありますが、可愛いので混ぜて描いてみました。好きなスイーツはありますか?Happy Holidays!

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Thank you so much for your support :)

26 thoughts on “sweet holidays

  1. kristina

    love the popcakes and macarons! i love your art so much akiko!! i really hope to win your giveaway, hint hint!! sorry, i just really want to win!! i may just have to pay you to do a portrait!! have a wonderful monday my creative and talented friend! ;) ;) p.s. fingers crossed…
    xo, kristina

  2. Amber

    Cake is my world!

    Though, honestly, I love allll sweets. This year I’m making peppermint patties (recipe on my blog) and lots and LOTS of cookies, hahaha. Macarons are good, but unless I make them I can’t get them anywhere in my area. And they’re tricky little suckers to make!

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