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I just got back from a road trip to Arizona and had a blast everywhere we went from Grand Canyon to Sedona etc. My friend and I decided to take Route 66 instead of freeway on the way, and here are some pictures from our first stop at Oatman. After driving in mountains seeing no cars around, the tiny little town appeared in the middle of nowhere. Despite of the heat (around 110f (43c)), it was worth a stop just to look around the lovely atmosphere. Hope you can feel it from these pictures!

友達と車でアリゾナに行ってきました。何故か体の変な所が筋肉痛だけど毎日グランドキャニオン等色々な場所に行けて楽しかった〜☆途中Route 66と言う伝統ある道を使って私達以外誰も走ってない事に笑いつつ進んで行ったら突然出てきたOatmanと言う小さな町。余りの暑さ(40度位)で溶けそうだったけどロバが歩いてたり古くも趣のある店が並ぶウェスタン調のかわいい所でした。

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25 thoughts on “route 66

  1. Jing Qi

    oh my goodness this is totally worth it! CARS! *faints* i thought it was fictional, now i really want to visit this place! xx

  2. kristina

    hi akiko, i just love these beautiful photos! such amazing scenery, and i love your outfit, i need to get a pair of those chuck taylors in all black + plus i love the shorts, cute tee + hat, so cute!! hope you’re having a wonderful weekend so far akiko!!

  3. opportunityknits

    My family went to the Grand Canyon last year in June. We didn’t have a chance to go on Route 66, so these pics are a treat for me! I can feel the rustic atmosphere! Love pics 6 and 8 – some parts are sharply focussed (not sure if that’s the correct phrase to use, haha I’m obviously not a photography expert!) and the background is blurred. Love the effect. Oh the 43C heat is unimaginable, it’s 34C here in Singapore and everyone is whining already. Have a good week ahead!

  4. akiko hiramatsu


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