lacy dress

vintage dress, steve madden sandals
I usually wear very casual outfits during my stay in Hawaii but I wore this dress for my mom’s birthday dinner to a restaurant called 53 by the sea. It was such a great night with my family and all the food was so delicious. p.s. Thanks for your comments as always, I’ll get back to you soon too!

ハワイではいつもカジュアルな格好ばかりだけど、写真は53 by the seaと言うビーチ沿いのレストランに行った時に着たドレス。少し早い母のお誕生日ディナーでどの食事も美味しく家族皆で楽しい夜でした☆

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Thank you so much for your support :)

19 thoughts on “lacy dress

  1. Alice

    You look absolutely stunning, Akiko!!
    The soft cream shade of the dress really flatters your skin tone and matches the relaxed Hawaiian vibe so well. I think a dress like that is something everyone dreams of thrifting or finding in a vintage store somewhere…intricately detailed, perfectly fitting, and just the right combination of old school glamour and modern fun!

    Gold sandals and a delicate seashell necklace are just the right simple complements to a dress are pretty as this one. I love that your blue nail polish adds a fun little pop of color!

    Happy birthday to your mom!
    Hope you’re enjoying Hawaii <3


  2. Connie

    such a pretty and pure dress… ur figure comes out so stunning with it! and the golden sandals give the entire look the little touch of glam, very nice :))

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