iro shirt, acne jeans, zara sandals, vintage celiné bag
A shirt, especially a white shit is one of my favorite items for spring and summer. It’s easy to pair with anything and everything and absolutely timeless. I love this shirt by Iro as it’s very basic yet great quality. One of those items I’d love to keep in my closet for a long time.  It’s been so warm around here in LA lately and as much as I love it, I miss cold winter weather. No complain though
春夏のアイテムではシャツ、特に白いシャツが大好き。どんなボトムでも合わせやすくてベーシックだから流行りに関係なくずっと着れるし。質の良いシャツを1枚持ってるととても使える&こののシャツはこれからもずっと着たいお気に入り。ってまだ2月.. 最近ずっと暖かくて素足にサンダル履いてすっかり春気分だけど、もう少し寒い時期があってもいいなぁってないものねだり。今は雨期のはずなのに全然雨が降らず水不足が深刻化してるカリフォルニアです

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8 thoughts on “springy

  1. Kiwi Fashion Blog

    This is the epitome of southern Californian laid back chic! I love your slim and long figure! I wish I could pull off boyfriend jeans and a loose white T look like you do :)

  2. Sartorial Diner

    I’m totally the opposite – I’m missing the warmth of California right now, haha. Let’s trade places! Love that shirt though, and your shoes are fabulous. I love that style on you :)

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