disney_dinnerAlthough it takes only half an hour from my place, I haven’t been to disneyland for a long time. but thanks to a free pass I got, we enjoyed the happiest place on earth (according to my disney freak friend:)) with countless rides and attractions. “The world of color” at california adventure park was so beautiful.


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8 thoughts on “disneyland

  1. kristina@beancakes ❤

    LOVE disneyland!! you’re so lucky you get to go! i LOVE those frozen treats & you look so cute!! p.s. it’s so pretty how you have the japanese characters displayed ;) ;)
    xo ~ kristina
    p.s. following you now via bloglovin’ as well ;)

  2. JB / Sunshine With Everything

    Ahh I love this this- I’m from the UK but I went to Disney California last winter when I was visiting my boyfriend’s family over there. It’s a fun day out. really like your floppy hat in the post below. Your newest bloglovin’ follower, JB x

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