mans up

I love the trend of feminine menswear, and here’s the items I’d love to own. I had lots of fun to draw these. Do you have any favorite items?


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Thank you so much for your support :)

27 thoughts on “mans up

  1. sara l

    wow, you’re really good at drawing! and, yes, i also love the trend of feminine menswear!!! i especially like wearing hats.. :)

  2. Tatj

    I hate total-look on me, I mean be dressed with women items only. I’ve got three pairs of oxford shoes for men, a wool coat and a big watch. I like oversized things on me, but after I have to “feminize-it”. I like to match it, I love loafers, also. But the masculine touch musn’t be strong. Just a coat and a pair of shoe fit perfecetly with a feminine outfit.

    That’s not a lesson but what I think about ! Anyway, love your drawing as usual.

  3. Marisa Noelle

    You drew these?! These are beautiful illustrations…such talent you have:) I am absolutely loving loafers and fedoras right now…it’s always fun mixing such strong pieces into a more feminine wardrobe. Adorable post! xx

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