warm sunlight

After our trip to Arizona, my camera started working wired sometime.. I’ve been using (abusing) my lumix for years especially since I started this blog. It’s time to give it a rest and have a new one.. What I want right now : 1. new camera 2. better time management skill. Here are the photos-
                         1. Palm trees in San Diego. Looks like a little forest :)
                         2. Beautiful Planet Blue lookbook
                         3. Green tea shave ice with toppings at Milk & Honey

アリゾナから帰ってきてからカメラの様子がおかしい事に。長年お世話になってるlumixもちょっと休ませてあげる時かも。。今欲しい物:1. 新しいカメラ 2. 優れた時間管理能力。全然文章と関係のない写真達は。。

                         1. 小さい森の様なサンディエゴのパームツリー達
                         2. ライティングが綺麗な Planet Blue lookbook。一眼レフ欲しい!
                         3. Milk & Honeyで食べたグリーンティシェーブアイス

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Thank you so much for your support :)

15 thoughts on “warm sunlight

  1. Xixia

    Great collection of photos Akiko! That green tea shaved ice looks too yummy.
    And ahh I definitely need a new camera, and I think I’m getting ready to buy one! Good luck on your camera search!
    ♥ xixia | thisisxixia.com

  2. kristina

    Hi Akiko, I love the palms, so pretty! And that green tea shave ice looks so delicious!! I know what you’re saying about time management, I’m always looking to improve my skills too! Hope you had a marvelous Thursday my friend!!

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