uniqlo tee, zara shorts, nine west sandals, vintage chanel bag
I’m really into wearing comfortable casual pieces at the moment (or as usual) like t-shirt and shorts, but mixed with high heels and vintage chanel makes it look less casual. This snoopy tee I got at uniqlo in japan was so basic shape (maybe men’s tee..) and looks almost like pajama. So I cut it up to make a new look :)


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Thank you so much for your support :)

24 thoughts on “snoopy

  1. Yuki


    (Akikoさん, 私のブログにupしてたNaf Nafはパリのブランドだよ!)

  2. kristina

    akiko, i love this cute tee + i love the new and improved look that you’ve given to it, very nice!! i also love the mix of casual/dressy too! hope you’re having a splendid weekend so far akiko ;)

  3. Xixia

    Akiko, this outfit is adorable. :) I’m always a huge fan of old school cartoon characters on tees (like Hello Kitty and Snoopy!), so this shirt is awesome to me.
    I really like how you elevated the outfit with those heels and purse; Nine West does shoes beautifully.
    ♥ xixia |

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