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The weekends don’t feel like weekends as much as I used to do ever since I started working as a freelancer. But I felt like having a little holiday this past weekend. We spent July4th in San Diego for BBQ and stayed over night there to explore the city. I had some works to do in LA yesterday, but could do little shopping too! It consists lots of driving down south to up north, but was a nice long weekend. Oh, the (wired) looking pink sandals my friend sent it to me from japan are supposed to build leg muscles. It gives me a little work out when I just do dishes!

フリーで働き始めてから以前ほど週末って感じがしなくなってるけど、この連休は久しぶりに休みって感じで良かった!独立記念日はサンディエゴでBBQをして私達はそのまま1泊して次の日はゆっくり観光。翌日は仕事もあってLAに行ったけど買い物もできたし行きたかったお店も行けて満足☆ 何だか南へ北へすごい運転したけど良い休みでした。あっピンクの不思議な形のサンダルは筋肉がつく様にと友達がわざわざ日本から送ってくれたもの 嬉。履いてるだけで軽く疲労していい感じっです。

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