closet analysis

As fall is approaching, I’ve started cleaning my closet again. I already donated one bag to goodwill last week, but am sure I’ll have more to give away. It gets easier to realize what we really wear when our closet is simple without unworn items. Anyway as I’m re-organizeing my closet, I realized that the most worn items are my black bottoms -pants, shorts or skirt. I wear them almost every day, especially fall/winter season and never got rid of them unless it’s seriously worn out. What is your staple item you can’t live without?


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3 thoughts on “closet analysis

  1. Jane

    i’m going to have to spend a day to bring down the fall clothes and put away the summer ones and also set aside clothes to donate. staple item has definitely got to be scarves! i absolutely love them. and i’m on a hunt for a utility jacket!

  2. Stephanie G

    a lot of my most worn items are dark too. i’ve been meaning to do a closet cleanout, hopefully soon! the one staple item i can’t live without are my sunglasses – maybe it’s just the crazy australian sunshine ^.~

    steph /

  3. Saraboy

    When I read this post I instantly think about this blog,, which is all about how to organize your wardrobe, what to think about when you throw away stuff, what to keep etc. I really recommend it. It made me rethink my wardrobe concept and really get rid of things that I actually didn’t use =)

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