life in heels

I may have mentioned it before, but I used to wear high-heels all the time. I had no problem walking/shopping around *most of the time unless I picked wrong kind of (painful) heels. However, I didn’t think about wearing even one-inch of heels while in Japan. No way! We have to walk miles and miles there (at least it feels like it) and my spoiled legs get so tired so easily. I love sneakers, but I don’t want to give up wearing heels just yet. It’s easier here in California as we drive everywhere, but I’ll try to walk in heels a bit more than a few steps. I read an interesting post of Sabrina of AfterDRK that she tried to wear nothing but heels one week. My drawing is from her amazing shoes collection too.

前も書いたかもだけど以前は高いヒールで歩き回ってたのに(足に合わない痛い靴は別だけど)日本にいる間は1cmですらヒールがある靴は履く気になれずスニーカーの毎日。ここの車社会の生活で思ってた以上に足が衰えてる。。 スニーカーも好きだけど、これでヒールを履かなくなったらもう戻れない気がするので駐車場までの数歩だけでなくもう少し歩く様にしよう..と地味に決意した所。ブロガーのサブリナが1週間ヒールのみで過ごすって記事を書いてて面白かった&靴コレクションが素敵だったのでイラストに描いてみました☆

 人気ブログランキングへにほんブログ村 ファッションブログ トレンド情報(ファッション)へ

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5 thoughts on “life in heels

  1. heather epstein

    I love love love your illustration. I wish I could wear heels everyday most of the time I end up carrying them since the NYC streets aren’t kind to heels.


  2. agnes szucs

    Lovely illustration!
    I can hardly wear heels any more… it feel worse and worse with every year, I’m afraid… But I gotta say I was never the one living in high heels anyway…


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