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Our dining table has become my work space lately. As I have a project I want to get it done which require some drawings, I stuck at home almost everyday last week. Now I’m having a lazy sunday afternoon at this table and all the stuff are still sitting next to me. By the way, do you remember my DIY candle holders? Anthropologie mug has been used as a water container for watercolor paint.

ここ最近オフィスが暑すぎなのでダイニングテーブルを占領して仕事しています。いくつか仕上げたいイラストがあって先週はほぼ毎日家で描いてました。前に載せたDIY キャンドルホルダーと水彩を使う時の水入れとして使ってるAnthropologieのアルファベットカップ

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