leaf love

Gem fair is my favorite place to go once in a while as we can find special piece and combine with anything. This time I picked up two pendants (on the left) and gold chain. Although I haven’t worn the earrings and small leaf much, I had to get it when I saw the big gold one.  I must love the leaf shape.. Anyway, look forward to wearing the new necklaces!


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Thank you so much for your support :)

29 thoughts on “leaf love

  1. Akiko

    Thank you, Jade. I got it at Gem fair and I’m not sure if we can buy online.. As I don’t have any information of the vendor I got these. I should next time..!

  2. littlemissandrea

    So pretty! I’m having a fascination with leaves right now too – I picked up a cuff from BCBG today, and am debating on a leaf headband. Must resist.

    Can’t wait to see how you wear them :)

  3. sonia de macedo

    Ooh they are seriously gorgeous!!! Love that leaf pendant!

    Thank you soooo much for your lovely comment on my blog and for following! I am a follower of yours too!

  4. The Braided Bandit

    Loving these leaf pieces! I am actually starting to design my cousins bridesmaids jewelry for her wedding, and we are doing a two strand necklace with small leaf charms! So pretty!

  5. Marisa Noelle

    These are lovely!! I love anything nature – tree related…hehe, so naturally these are right up my alley. You have such gorgeous taste darling! xx Marisa

  6. kristina

    LOVE LOVE your new gold leaf necklaces akiko, great finds!! can’t wait to see them on you!! hope you had a great wednesday and a great start to the thursday that just now happened!! {i gotta get to bed haha!}

  7. Tatj

    I like it too, I’m most for leathers – I have a ring and a bang/cuff (?) for my wrist! I’m looking for an earing for the “whole” ear, you see ? It’s so hard to explain because I don’t have so much vocabulary concerning jewels and the ear.. I need a picture to show you!

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