blogger’s portrait #3 : sho & tell

I posted about my favorite Shoko’s column a few posts down, and now happy to share her blog – Sho&Tell.  Shoko posts various artists and their unique work on a daily basis, which helps me a lot since I probably should know (& want to know!) more about other artists. Her blog truely inspires me as a designer, more importantly, as a person. Here are the questions I asked her.  Enjoy!

1. How do you find so many great artists on a daily basis?
I’ve discovered so many artists I love simply by browsing – both online (my blog reader is full of inspiring blogs, and I could spend hours clicking around on Etsy) and in person (New York City shops, flea markets, and street fairs are a treasure trove). Pinterest’s great, too

2. How do you motivate yourself when you’re stuck as a writer? 
It’s tough. It can be so tempting to just give up. What always helps me through a creative block, though, is reading. Reading good writing is often just the push I need to keep going, and it helps me get out of my own head a bit. When all’s said and done, I think it’s important for writers to remember to be kind to themselves when they’re stuck. Writing is hard This quote, which I’ve shared more than once on my blog, helps.

3. Any advise who wants to start a blog?
Make it about you: your unique tastes, your unique vision, your unique life. Post what’s meaningful to you. Have fun. There are no rules. That’s the best part.


1. 毎日どうやって素敵なアーティストを見つけるの?

2. Writerとして行き詰まった時はどうやってモチベーションをあげる?

3. ブログを始めたい人へのアドバイス

人気ブログランキングへにほんブログ村 ファッションブログ トレンド情報(ファッション)へ
Thank you so much for your support :)

15 thoughts on “blogger’s portrait #3 : sho & tell

  1. Micaela

    I actually found your blog through Shoko, when she posted the illustration you made of her (beautiful!)

    Goodness, i could spend hours on etsy as well (it’s usually my cure for insomnia when there’s no new blogs to read ;)

    love this series of yours!

  2. Anonymous

    An excellent post, providing something good to read,it’s just good to came across the post on hand sets and its features.

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