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Although it’s still pretty hot here in SoCal, it’s fun to update my nails.. at least. Here are some of my favorite polishes I’ll be using a lot in fall. OPI is my favorite brand especially darker colors, including “Black Onyx”aka solid black. What is your favorite nail color for fall?


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18 thoughts on “polish color update

  1. Kristina

    I love OPI colours too and use them almost exclusively on my nails. My fave for autumn has to be…Honk if you love OPI, a very rich plum

  2. Adeline Yang

    i’m craving for nail polish lately! i always love how black color gives such a cool look instantly, but if i were to pick from your collection for this fall, i’d pick the dark red ;)

  3. Alice

    I’m a little bit over the weather already. Why can’t fall weather be here??
    The cooler air, a little less sun, and fall-layering. There’s so many reasons I just want it to be really and truly fall!
    Another reason to add on to that list is wearing pretty fall nail polishes. Dark nails sound so lovely to me right now. The burgundy, the dark reds, the black, and all the shades of gray (perhaps all 50 of them?). I want them all now!
    These polishes that you’ve got here are definitely tickling my fancy, Akiko. I would love to see what they look like on you!


  4. Stephanie Lin

    Ah, I love OPI polishes. The dark red color in the middle is gorgeous! I only brought a couple of polishes with me when I moved, and they’re actually pastels. Trying to cling onto some summeryness in the rain here, haha.

  5. Jen Umm

    i love a sumptuous red! but i have been wearing that for far too many seasons, recently I’m back into my tonal colours ie black -> grey -> white, im fairly sure im going to be all in brights again during winter to spice things up

    if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
    let me know!

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