How’s your week so far? Me? I feel like I’ve been eating more sweets than I normally do lately- cakes, candies, or ice creams etc. Is it a bad sign? It’s pretty addicting and only addiction I have. I guess I can say “only”..? The photos are..
            1. Always love Planet Blue lookbook
            2, Pretty candy bar setting at my friend’s baby shower


            1. いつも素敵な写真の Planet Blue lookbook
            2, 友達のベイビーシャワーでのかわいいスイーツ達

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Thank you so much for your support :)

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  1. Tatj

    these last days I couldn’t stop to eat junkfood like Mcdonalds and etc. I prefere salted food or salt and sweet mixed. Except for cakes and ice creams, ok. I think I love food, ok. More than everything, I admit, ok..

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